Best 3 Electric Scooters For Adults in 2020

Are you ready to be taken into the future?
Discover the GXL Electric Commuter Scooter from Gotrax. Powered by a
250W Motor at the heart of it, you’ll not only feel like you’re charging to work, but
also into the future.

12 Miles per charge

Top Speed 15 mph

220LBS Max Rider Weight

3 Color Schemes



Providing you with a top speed of 15.5 mph, this scooter is the perfect fit for
someone looking for a convenient commute, without breaking the bank.
Flat batteries will also be a thing of the past, the GLX offers a 12 mile range from a
single charge of it’s 36V battery.
The GLX has been designed with rainy days in mind, and has been built to an IP54
rating, meaning you don’t need to be worried about commuting through puddles in
the rain.
You want more? How about the scooter’s Portable, Foldable Frame. . .
That’s right, when you get to work simply fold your scooter down and lock it. Your
trusty transport will be waiting for you when you finish, ready to take you home at
the end of a long day.
Be the envy of your colleagues, grab your GLX Scooter today.

If you’re in the market for an all-round great electric scooter, then look no further . .

28 Miles per charge

Top Speed 25 mph

260LBS Max Rider Weight

1 Color Schemes



The Apollo City has been perfectly engineered to be a Portable Powerhouse.
Finely tuned to give you all the power that you could possibly need, whilst
maintaining it’s practical use.
Powered by a 600W Brushless Motor, your new scooter will provide you with a top
speed of, wait for it . . . 25mph!
The Apollo City is also fitted with a 48V battery, which gives you the incredible range
of 28 miles off of a single charge.
The battery can also be charged using a fast charger, which means your scooter will
be fully charged and ready to go again within just 2-3 hours.
Electronic re-gen braking is just another bonus among many that has been given to
you through Apollo’s City’s Scooter, not only does this feature give you additional
braking capacity, but it will also recharge your battery when in use.
If you have any further questions regarding your new scooter, please don’t hesitate to
get in touch.

IF you know, then you know. . .

75 Miles per charge

Top Speed 50 mph

265LBS Max Rider Weight

1 Color Schemes



If you know what this monster is capable of, then you know why you need it.
At the heart of this beast is a giant 2400W Motor, which is capable of a top speed of
50mph! This isn’t just a short burst of speed either, the Dualtron Thunder has an incredible
range of 75miles.
This beast isn’t wild and untamed however, despite it’s crazy performance.
It has been carefully crafted to give it’s owner the ultimate rider experience.
3 part, variable suspension along with a combination of hydraulic brakes and ABS
means that you are in the best position possible to tackle any track that lies before you.
The Dualtron Thunder is also built to last, it’s frame has been robustly designed, using
aviation grade aluminium alloy and it’s shaft has been made using SCM440 steel.
Making sure that you and your noble steed can conquer whatever terrain may befall you.
If you’re looking for the ultimate, limitless, take-on-anything Scooter, then this is the
beast for you. Grab yours today