Why choose an electric scooter over an E-bike?


Air pollution and congestion have become increasing concerns for city dwellers. As part of the solution, people have started to look to simpler, lighter, electrically-powered mobility devices such as electric scooters and e-bikes. The question remains, however, which option is better for commuting?

Both electric scooters and e-bikes have transformed transportation in the city. However, when compared, scooters are smaller, lighter, more affordable, and easier to use than their counterparts. They also require less maintenance.

A typical electric scooter weighs anywhere between 25 and 50 lbs. Most of them come in a foldable design and can fit in the trunk of a sedan. On the other hand, very few e-bikes weigh less than 40 lb.

Because of their simple board-and-pole design, electric scooters are easy to ride. You only need to kick your leg and let the motor do the rest. This makes them convenient as they can be ridden in any attire. Also, unlike e-bikes, you don’t need a license or insurance cover to use your electric scooter.

In terms of cost, electric scooters are generally cheaper than e-bikes. The Apollo City electric scooter costs $999 to the HyperScorpion Electric Bike’s $3499.

In a nutshell, electric scooters for adults are the best option for anyone looking for a hassle-free, usable, portable, affordable, and environmental-friendly transportation device.

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